Prioritising what you value.




We thought it was about time we started letting people in on some of things we like to talk about in our monthly e-meetings.

This meeting in March was hosted by Richard Berry, long time member of our first cohort and full time web development project manager. Richard is also one of the founders of Meeting of The Minds and so juggles a lot of projects regularly. Naturally, he decided to make this meeting about prioritising.

He asked us two questions:

  • How do you prioritise tasks in your personal and work life?
  • If you could do only one thing all day long, which one would contribute the greatest value to your life/career? 

While some of us learnt that we could be doing better when it comes to prioritising, others got to share some of the things they’ve found useful in helping them prioritise their tasks and what they value most. We’ve included some useful links below for you to get started on getting yourself better on prioritising.

The meeting was a very enlightening session and we look forward to sharing a more information on further meetings and sharing highlights and takeaways so we can all continue achieving goals together.

Useful Resources –