“The totality of your life is dependent on the aggregate choices you make daily” – B. Ugona

As you may have seen from our previous meeting recaps, success is a popular theme and we think this has to do with the perception of success. While it holds different meanings to different people we can all agree that meeting a personal goal is a form of success.


This meeting we dove a little deeper as we explored not only how managing time and money can lead to success but how failure inevitably can be the catalyst to success because it is from our own failures that we learn what mistake to avoid. Members shared their own personal struggles and some of the techniques they’ve picked up along the way to manage both their time and money.


We all know that today it really is not enough to have one job and balancing the main job with the side hustle is increasingly difficult as we struggle to find time for it all but the host of this meeting, Gabriel Fashanu made the point that in discussing these things we should be encouraged to persevere and take note of what our peers and those who have come before us have done in order to thrive.


Personally I am old fashioned and keep a physical diary which over the last few years has been a Godsend but recently I have noticed the need to transition to digital forms (as my back is suffering from lugging around additional weight) and something – I admit – I am yet to conquer is efficient money management. The one thing I will say, is no matter what is you are learning to “manage”, keeping track is the first step – this includes keeping track of the times you did and did not succeed!


Of course we’d love to share more of our discussions but it’s not always possible, so if you want to learn more enquire about attending a meeting but we want to know how YOU keep track of these things? Let us know in the comments below!

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