The Antidote of Positive Thinking


The second meeting in may was hosted by Joseph Powell and we were impressed so much by this meeting and also – the title of – his talk at the LYLBD event we decided to make it the theme of our next event happening on July 26th.

Joseph is a PT / Life Coach / Speaker and Director of his own business which aims to help youths that the traditional education system is failing and also works part time as a lettings negotiator. He’s a busy man but not too busy to share his thoughts on why positive thinking and the self-help craze aren’t necessarily the answer we’re looking for.

This meeting ran over a little as everyone opened up about some of the challenges they have been facing and how gratitude and reflection were important factors in overcoming them. With in this context, we bounced around from diets to pursuing new careers and controlling emotions. What became abundantly clear was that in every situation the answer lay in measuring progress. The problem being that when we’re excited, happy or sad, it’s easy to lose sight of what we’re after. Keeping track allows us to be content with where we are by allowing us to be honest with ourselves about what we’ve done to get there.

Yet most of us also admitted to being guilty of seeking the help of a motivational talk / book at one time or another to pick us up and get us back on track. No-one denied that sometimes this can be effective but Jo explained how the self-help industry as a whole is causing people to disconnect from reality and chase after an unattainable happiness and asked,  “is it a valid goal to want to be happy?”

Views were mixed in the meetings but one member suggested that aiming to do things that make you happy rather than aiming for happiness itself is a much more realistic and attainable goal.

We’d love to tell you more of what was discussed but we also don’t want to bore you to death but let us know your thoughts below and if you’re curious come along to a meeting!