What AGT Membership can offer you

AGT group provides a community for its members and acts as a hub spot for the growth of people,
ideas, and businesses. Our mission is in our name, Achieving Goals Together, as such we offer a number benefits.


We schedule meetings with you every month so that we have an opportunity to catch up with you and help you track your progress (based on the goal you set), also giving you a chance to network with your peers from the comfort of your own home (or a seat on the bus). Our meetings facilitate idea sharing/validation, soundboard, and advice, collaboration and investment. Our meetings are at the heart of our community value and the root of our vision, they always have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Once you become a member, we will send you notifications for monthly meeting dates and ask you to submit your availability, so we can schedule a group meeting date. (Group meetings have no more than 10 members per meeting, not including Host(s)). eMeetings are not mandatory but are encouraged to be an active member of the community, they are in place to help you achieve the goals you outlined when you became a member and so require attendance to be effective. Once we’ve confirmed a date with you (via calendar invite), you’ll receive a link to join the meeting via email, 24 hours before the scheduled date.

Support and Guidance

AGT offers support and guidance not only to help one initiate the journey towards their Goals, but furthermore, AGT will offer a solid platform of continuous support in one’s endeavours, further beyond the “Take Off”. Formed with a friendly, active and dedicated team, AGT is the first step to take in order to confidently march towards your Goals and conquer them.

Library Resources

We provide a library of recommended reads, guides/how to’s, template documents and AGT documents for our Members. This useful library is just another tool we provide for our members to make use of on the journey to achieving their goals.


We offer a range of workshops both online (webinars) and live location events that cover a broad range of topics based on the expressed interests* of our members. Our online workshops are available free to members and at cost to non-members and location events are discounted for members.


AGT may collaborate with third parties to bring exclusive deals and events that are of benefit to its community members. Updates on such events and all our services and activities are available by signing up to our Newsletter

Community Support

A Network of peers to soundboard off, collaborate with and get
feedback from (validation), through monthly online meetings; Pitching Panels.

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