AGT group provides a community for it’s members and acts as a hub for the growth of people, ideas, and businesses. Our mission is in our name, Achieving Goals Together.

AGT Membership Benefits


We schedule online group meetings where you get a chance to network with peers and other industry professionals and have genuine conversations all with the mindset of growth.


Someone to help keep you focused and on track through guidance on
setting yourself goals, prioritising, time and money management, as well as shared network connections.

Library Resources

We provide a library of recommended reads, guides/how to’s and template documents. This useful library is just another tool we provide for our members to make use of on the journey to achieving their goals.

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The best way to work together on your goal.

AGT will work with you closely to bring out to life all the ideas and theories that one might have sketched out in pencil but not ventured into bringing to life with a marker. Dare To Dream, whilst Achieving Goals Together. The first step is often the hardest one to take – This is a widespread concept that needs to be understood and digested in order to be addressed.

Support and Guidance

AGT offers support and guidance not only to help one initiate the journey towards their Goals, but furthermore, AGT will offer a solid platform of continuous support in one’s endeavours, further beyond the “Take Off”. Formed with a friendly, active and dedicated team, AGT is the first step to take in order to confidently march towards your Goals and conquer them.

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