tribeDiaspore: Visuals from the Tribes

Was a vibe! I’ll admit, I was sold on the East African art & photography on exhibit but I was excited as soon as I learned that TribeDiaspore were putting this event on. Especially after the success of their last two, Tales from the Tribes, a brunch which took place at Ikoyi in Mayfair and Sounds from the Tribes, a jam session of poetry and music hosted at Busta Mantis in Deptford.

This time the theme was focused on exploring east Africa through art from Vintage Addis Ababa as well as a complimentary tasting of authentically brewed Ethiopian coffee by Habesha Village. People also enjoyed Nigerian style tapas while they watched a South African Comedy Film. I personally LOVED the milo donuts – can you say yum!- made by SauceIt. The sun was out and the good weather kept the vibes flowing all the way outside where people played – and learned for the first time – traditional west African games and beautifully detailed dresses and scarves also made by Habesha Village were available to buy.

Things started to wind down around 7 pm, giving just enough time for everyone to go home and prepare for Monday. I certainly can’t wait for the next one and I am secretly hoping T-shirts worn by the tribeDiaspore team will be available to buy soon!

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